Hello. I’m running for Campbell Union High School District, CUHSD. It is my sincere desire to serve my home community and fill its need for leadership and creative problem-solving. 

Born and raised in San Jose’s Cambrian neighborhood, a distinction I am proud of, I feel that I’m uniquely qualified to get the district back in touch with the needs of our students and make sure our services are equally distributed. After all, we’ve invested our tax dollars and trust believing that CUHSD students will obtain the learning experiences and educational advantages they deserve.

My campaign centers around:

  • Helping students develop their talents and comfortably voice their concerns, tools they can utilize in their careers, personal empowerment, and for greater options after graduation. I specifically propose applying this help to students who are on the autism spectrum, and/or to students who have special instructional needs or challenges to learning.

  • Providing More Counselors, understanding that mental and physical wellness go hand-in-hand, and thereby prioritizing overall student well-being.

  • Acknowledging that campus climate can affect both the safety and learning outcomes of students. Campuses are better apt to provide support and stability to all, especially at-risk students, when they seek to engage everyone. A connected campus is safer and benefits all served: students, parents, and the community. I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative nature of a campus climate; that is, a good climate fosters safety and respect. Making more resources available to student organizations is an important part of this. Students drive positive change when given a platform, a chance to work collaboratively, and a respectful audience before school administrators and the CUHSD Board. Students provide insight because of their proximity to the issues our schools and district face. Their voice is integral to every decision made by CUHSD Board members.

  • Strengthening CUHSD’s ability to provide for its teachers and to grow by acquiring new talent. I have supported our current Board’s plan to retain teachers and to hire new talent without tax increases. I also plan to introduce solutions employed by neighboring school districts, such as affordable teacher housing and benefits.

  • Protecting Arts and extracurricular funding in the CUHSD budget, while finding extra money to support activities that enrich our students’ experience.

I look forward to fostering a culture of CUHSD values that reflects our district, amplifies student voices, and broadens the community narrative. Tell your friends and neighbors to join us too…



Do you care about teacher housing affordability?

Do you care about redefining education to equip all kids to succeed?

Do you believe we should hire an LGBTQ specific youth counselor?


Like many young folks, my postgraduate path wasn't clearly paved. It was instead presented as the Bay Area I grew up in, defined by a period of both incredible innovation, and unfortunate inequities.  

I saw the latter transform my neighborhood and my world, and my mission became to stand tall and create a better future for myself, my family, my friends, and the home community I was losing.If my love of studying history lent me any perspective, the greatest one was a deep understanding of the importance NOW. I had the fortune of being born in the shadow of great leaders, and now it's my turn to cast my own.